Your FIGHT starts here!

Congratulations for taking the courage to fight for your rights and protect your health. We hope that you have acquired enough credible information that has equipped you to make an informed decision regarding your health, specifically regarding the pervasive illegal mandates that colleges and universities are attempting to impose upon children, college-age students, and adults.

    Now is the time to FIGHT. Below you will find information and resources to help you along this journey. Outside of extremely unique situations, it is not expected to cost you a dime to opt-out of the experimental vaccine (none of the COVID-19 vaccines are FDA approved) mandates being required by schools across the country. It will simply take you some time to find, complete, and submit the appropriate information to the correct party. We hope to help you navigate this journey with the information below.

    Does Your School Have Waivers?

    • Check Your Schools Website for COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements
    • If your school offers waivers, this may be the simplest way to opt-out
    • Common waivers are religious or health related exemptions
    • If waivers apply to you, complete the form provided by your school
    • Confirm that your firm was received and approved
    • If denied for reason other than a mistake on your form, don't give up. Use another method.

    If Your School Does Not Offer Waivers

    • Experimental vaccines cannot be legally mandated
    • We are arming you with legally binding documents to advocate for yourself or your loved ones
    • You must download, customize, and send the following document to your school
    • Your school will be required to sign the document and will be agreeing to full liability if you are damaged or harmed in anyway, including death
    • The schools WILL NOT sign the document
    • You therefore will not be forced to take the experimental vaccine
    • If a school happens to sign the document, do not take the vaccine. Use another method
    • Click here to download document to send to your university or school

    Are your colllege-age kids 18 or older?

    Many of the document-sources that are included on this website may provide additional information to help you get the help that you need. No matter what, do ALL of your homework BEFORE accepting these illegal mandates. Your LIFE and HEALH depends on it