Protect Your Children's Education FromExperimental Vaccine Requirements

We know that there is a lot of pressure and noise surrounding mandating experimental non-FDA approved vaccines for students to attend school, but we are here to HELP! .

2.4 Million College Students FaceExperimental Vaccine Mandate

There are 100's of schools that are now calling for the experimental COVID-19 vaccinations before enrolling in Fall 2021. There are resources to help you FIGHT for your human rights

Your University is Trying To ForceYou To Take The Experimental non-FDA approved Vaccine

We realize the mounting pressures and coercion that schools and so-called health officials are imposing on you in order to attend on-campus classes, participate in sports, or simply enjoy your college experience without the fear or anxiety of being forced to receive the experimental non-FDA approved COVID-19 injection. We are here to HELP! .

Say No To Experimental Vaccines

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Facts You Need To Know That Are Not Being Honestly Covered My Mainstream Media, Public Service Announcements, And Are Being Censored by Social Media Platforms Like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

is NOT the same as an FDA approval. According to, An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is a mechanism to facilitate the availability and use of medical countermeasures, including vaccines, during public health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Under an EUA, FDA may allow the use of unapproved medical products, or unapproved uses of approved medical products in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions when certain statutory criteria have been met, including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.

No COVID-19 Vaccines are FDA Approved

Currently, although many outlets including universities, broadcast and print media, doctors, public officials, and so-called experts are referring to the COVID-19 vaccines as being FDA approved, even though they are NOT.

Be leery of the clever and deceptive language they are using. All of the COVID-19 vaccines are experimental biological agents and are being tested on millions of people that have received their COVID-19 vaccine injections as well as those that are standing in line to get theirs.

Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J COVID-19 Vaccines are Experimental

To be CLEAR, the Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J COVID-19 vaccines are NOT FDA approved. It will take years for them to be approved, if ever. Unfortunately, no one knows the long-term side effects of these experimental biological agents (COVID-19 vaccines).

There are thousands of highly qualified doctor's that are seriously concerned about this new type of vaccine (mRNA) based on what they know about the human body, how vaccines are supposed to work, and their knowledge of what makes this vaccine (experimental biological agent) different. These doctors are being censored by mainstream media, but they are FIGHTING for your rights, health, and safety

COVID-19 deaths marked by hospitals were grossly over-inflated

94% of those that hospitals marked as COVID-19 deaths were NOT caused by COVID-19. Updated CDC death counts for Coronavirus reveal that COVID-19 is rarely the cause of death for Coronavirus patients. Of the 220K deaths that were attributed to the Coronavirus, 87K died from influence and pneumonia, 17K chronic lower respiratory diseases, 26K adult respiratory distress syndrome, 44K hypertensive diseases, 23K heart disease, and 38K cardiac arrest and heart disease. Yet, all of these including those that died from heart attacks were marked down as COVID-19 deaths.

There were 131K patients who are being considered COVID-19 deaths that already had life-ending diseases including cancer, dementia, and end-stage renal failure. And according to place of death records, there were 10K patients who died from COVID-19 that were on hospice care, which means they were terminally ill and already expected to die from their pre-existing condition, without any help from the Coronavirus.

Death rate caused by COVID-19 vaccines are STAGGERING and UNPRECENDENTED

In 4 months, from Dec 2020 through April 23, 2021, 3,362 deaths have been reported through the Government's VAERS system. The COVID-19 vaccine has caused more deaths than all vaccines in the 15-year period between 1997-2013 combined. Plus, almost 1,000 heart attacks and over 8,000 hospitalizations were also reported after taking the COVID-19 vaccine, during that 4 month period. Note: Typically, less than 1-10% of adverse reactions or deaths are reported through the Government's VAERS system, meaning that the deaths and adverse reactions are suspected to be many times higher.

As a point of reference in 2019 there were 203 vaccine deaths, 2018 there were 119 vaccine deaths, and in 2017 there were 85. In just the first 4 months of this COVID-19 experimental vaccine, there has been reported 3,362 deaths (equivalent to 30 deaths per day), which means that in just 3 days in 2021 there were more deaths caused by the COVID-19 experimental vaccine than the entire year of 2017.

You and/or your children don't have to accept these vaccine mandates. You can fight back.

There are over 200 colleges and universities that are attempting to mandate vaccinations before students can enroll this upcoming Fall 2021. The wording on many of the school websites similarly reads At this time, the University of [UnviversityName] will require all students to get vaccinated at the first opportunity, whether through the [UnviversityName] Medicine’s vaccine clinic or other providers. All vaccines approved by the FDA or WHO will be considered suitable to fulfill the University’s requirement. Proof of vaccination through medical records (or vaccine certification card) will be required.

First, as you should know by now, that the COVID-19 vaccinations are NOT FDA approved. Although some of the policies that are stated on the school's websites may not include language around FDA approved vaccines, it really does not matter. They are ALL experimental vaccines and you have a way out. You will find documdents and resources on this site to help you fight back and protect your health, safety, and future.

Have a Sense of Urgency to FIGHT!

If there was ever a time to have a sense of urgency to get as much information about the experimental vaccine and mandates as possible, NOW is the TIME! Make this is a priority for the next 48 hours!!!

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Decide if You Want To Opt-Out of Vaccine

This is critically important. This website is designed to equip you with information that you won't hear in mainstream media. Before taking the 'shot', read every word if you need to!

Download and Complete Documents

There are several ways to fight back. Many colleges/universities have waiver options (e.g., religious, health related). There are also legal documents that can help you avoid forced (or coerced) vaccinations. Learn More

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Contact your school and learn of their requirements and waiver options. If waiver exists, complete necessary paperwork. If not, there are other legal documents you can send them

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